July Sneak Peek:


#1 Reveal

Our first product reveal for July we present to you the Crystal Unicorn Tarot from girlboss Pamela Unicorn of Luna Prosperity.

We believe every goddess should have their own unicorn sidekick! 

The Crystal Unicorn Tarot is based on the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck. Instead of non magical humans represented in the deck, you get a bunch of adorable Unicorns that has affinity with crystals. Because, who isn’t obsessed with crystals or Unicorns right now?! Standard size tarot deck! Illustrated by Lisa Higuchi 

Valued at $29.00!


#2 Reveal

We just couldn’t wait any longer to reveal our second item in our Moon Goddess Box and.... it’s magical Monday 💁🏼‍♀️ soooo the second reveal is this insanely gorgeous moonstone soap with a real rainbow moonstone crystal inside! This soap is made by unicorn Katrina of @crystalbarsoap ! We are literally over the moon 🌙


#3 Reveal

We present to you an Enchanted Dream Pillow by @ladymoonamore, created in beautiful handmade linen pouches to capture the herbs, yet still allow for their aroma to entice your senses. Herbs that evoke relaxation and intoxify the mind, to soothe the senses into a slumber state of being. Herbs that enchant the mind with their precise skill to hon in on deepest parts of ourselves that even we may not recognize. Crafted with Organic herbs of Lavender, Mugwort, Yarrow, Chamomile , Hops and Rosemary. An Amethyst crystal also dwells within your Enchanted Dream Pillow, lending you the ease with recalling your dreams and offering you deeper spiritual insights to the things that you may witness while in the realm of sleep. 

July Theme: "Moon Goddess"




1. Choose your Subscription

It's as easy as waving your wand! Choose the subscription that best suits you: monthly or save with our prepay option for a 3 month or 6 month plan.


2. Unicorns get to work

Around the 20th of each month the unicorns prepare and ship a new themed box filled with the most magical items in all the land! Get ready to recapture that childlike wonder, your majesty. 


3. Unbox Magic and Share

Time to unveil and enjoy as each box leaves you enchanted! Don't forget to share your unboxing experience on social media with the #EnchantmentBox hashtag. You just may win your next box free!

As Seen On:


In a very busy and rather stressful time of life when it was difficult to remember the importance of small joys and self-care, my Enchantment Box helped me to slow down and enjoy my favorite time of the year, which is truly priceless! The message behind the products is very meaningful, and it is such a lovely thing to know that I am supporting other female artists so that they can do the things they love! 

Kara S

I am in love with Enchantment Box! Makeup, skin & body care, treats, jewelry and its all vegan! I don't normally indulge in gifts for myself but this was such a treat!

Kristina A.- VGRITS

My first box was November: Fairies in the Forest. When I opened it, I just thought it was so beautiful. The owner of this business is so warm, so personal, and you can feel all the love and hard work she puts into each box. I also love the way she strives to help “girl bosses” and Enchanted Farm Sanctuary.

Elettra F.

I love this company, community and product so much that I became a loyal subscriber before I even received my first box. I adore this product for various reasons, but I'll just be brief and list a few:
1. Everything in the Enchantment Box is cruelty free and vegan
2. The creator of the Enchantment Box supports local female entrepreneurs, which is kick ass! It also gives you the opportunity to be introduced to new products with unique packaging that you have never seen before!
3. The Enchantment Box was inspired by Harry Potter and Disneyland!
4. The creator of the Enchantment Box genuinely cares about your experience and she is very interactive with her subscribers, which is beyond amazing <3

Destiny P

Jayde Nicole- Animal Activist/ Model /TV Personality

"So in love with my all vegan mermaid box by Enchantment Box 💕💙 it's full of super cute themed beauty products & other goodies. Each month is a different theme!"

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